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  AFPF - Association Française des Producteurs de Films( Association of the Film Producers in France )  

The AFPF (Why the AFPF?)

Against the current financial trend which promotes large media groups, the AFPF firmly defends independent productions, which are needed for innovative programming, to renew creation and to develop the economics of the entire sector.

The AFPF is financially totally self-sustained and independent, including from public authorities. This independence hah always allowed to defend non-aligned points of views.
To ensure its continued existence and to strengthen the independent production economics, it is necessary for producers to gather together to be heard,

The strategic position of the AFPF within the institutions allows each of our members to see his or her point of view defended for the best common interests.

The AFPF takes time to think about human and professional ethics with its members about solutions that will allow all types of production houses to lawfully exist and to respect everyone's work in a more and more difficult economical environment.

The AFPF bans internal and external conflicts of interest, especially when appointing its members to commissions.